1. International Press Releases
    07-19-2012 Implant program to feature new, innovative technology - ALUMNUS SPURS ANOTHER FACULTY FIRST
    07-19-2012 Implant program to feature new, innovative technology - ALUMNUS SPURS ANOTHER FACULTY FIRST
    07-02-2012 One-piece, Application Specific Implants for Treatment of Narrow Ridges - IMPLANT PRACTICE US
    03-12-2012 Laser Line Study - ACADEMY OF OSSEOINTEGRATION
    02-28-2012 AAOMS Article Refuting Platform Switching - ACADEMY OF OSSEOINTEGRATION
    02-28-2012 COIR Article Refuting Platform Switching - CLIN ORAL IMPLANTS RES.
    11-22-2011 Implants - The International CE Magazine of Oral Implantology - IMPLANT DIRECT
    11-02-2011 The Effect of Two Different Immediate Loading Protocols - IMPLANT DENTISTRY
    11-02-2011 Implant Survival and Radiographic Analysis - IMPLANT DENTISTRY
    11-01-2011 Effect of Sinus Membrane Perforation on Dental Implant Integration: - IMPLANT DENTISTRY
    11-01-2010 The Changing Reality of the Team Approach to Implant Dentistry - IMPLANT DENTISTRY
    08-01-2010 Implant Dentistry — A prosthetic discipline with a surgical component - IMPLANT DENTISTRY
    07-01-2010 Restoration of the Totally Edentulous Jaw with Application Specific 1-Piece Implants - IMPLANT DENTISTRY
    06-01-2010 The Changing Reality of Implant Dentistry - IMPLANT DENTISTRY
    06-03-2008 Ten Legacy Implants for Overdentures Using Meissinger Ridge Expansion Kit - IMPLANT TOWNIE CLINICAL
    06-01-2008 Screw-Vent: 8 Year Study - ZEEVE ORMIANER, DMD; ADY PALTI, DMD
    10-12-2007 Protecting Capital Equipment- PM CASE IN POINT
    08-01-2007 Clinical Evaluation of 835 Multithreaded Tapered Screw-Vent Implants - JOURNAL OF ORAL IMPLANTOLOGY
    04-27-2007 Shop of the Future - C.H.C. BUSH EDITOR OF CNC WEST
    12-24-2006 The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery - GERALD NIZNICK, DMD
    08-15-2006 The Dramatic Return of Dr. Niznick - ORTHOPEDICS THIS WEEK
    08-03-2006 Comparing SBM and HA coated implants - MIREILLE WASSEF THESIS
    08-01-2006 Tissue Characteristics at Microthreaded Implants - ABRAHAMSSON & BERGLUNDH
    01-26-2006 Niznick Announces New Dental Implant Portfolio- MERYLL LYNCH
    01-11-2006 The Effects of Implant Surface Roughness - MANAL SHALABI, JOHANNES WOLKE AND JOHN JANSEN
    06-13-2005 Feedback from Dr. Niznick - A Serious and Dynamic Operation - MEYRLL LYNCH
    05-05-2005 Dr. Gerald Niznick, started Core-Vent Bio-Engineering to create his patented designs- IMPLANT DIRECT
    02-15-2005 Niznick Return to Dental Implant Industry- BARRON ARTICLE
    12-01-2000 Implant Surface and Bone Quality - TRUHLAR, MORRIS, OCHI
    08-01-2000 Soft Bone Article - GERALD NIZNICK, DMD
    12-12-1991 The Implant Abutment Connection: The Key to Prosthetic Successs - GERALD NIZNICK, DMD
    10-22-1985 Implant System Help Denture Wearers - KAREN KENNEY